Why Wedding Suit Hire is a Brilliant Option

When you are planning your wedding, there are a lot of expenses that eat into your budget.  Buying suits for the groom and groomsmen can be a big expense, let alone a trying one if you aren’t sure what type of suit you want.  That’s why most grooms now choose to use wedding suit hire The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire or wherever is near to home.

Why Wedding Suit Hire is a Brilliant Option

Wading through the options

One of the big problems most men face when looking for what to wear on their wedding day is the huge range of options available.  Few guys will know the difference between morning suits and evening wear, dinner suits and lounge suits or what counts as a dinner jacket, a tuxedo or frockcoats.

By working with an expert in suit hire, you can get insider knowledge into what suit would work best.  Maybe you are having a themed wedding with an Edwardian vibe where a frock coat or top hat and tails is the right option – and yes you can wear a top hat and even have a cane if you want!  You can also look at the kind of suits you might be less familiar with such as tailcoats, the white tuxedo, tweed or even kilts.

One stop shop

Wedding hire specialists also offer a one-stop shop for your wedding outfit needs.  This means you can get advice on what suit will work best but also what accessories you need to add to it.  Waistcoats are one of the best examples, a crucial part of the classic three-piece suit – but which style and what colour?  Getting expert advice can be crucial.

It can also be helpful for those finishing touches that make an outfit.  Things like cufflinks, the right tie or bow tie and even kilt pins if you are going to a Highland wedding.  These little touches make the outfit.

It is also ideal if you have junior groomsmen in the party as well as adults as you can get suit hire for them.  As kids grow, there’s slim chance they will use the suit again, so hiring is a way to save money as well.

Saves on storage space

Wedding suits are one of those things that you often buy and then wear once in the next decade.  Or maybe the waistline slips, and you find it no longer fits.  But whatever the case, wedding suits often see very little use, especially if you opt for a formal style.  This means you have to use space in your wardrobe to store something you will hardly ever wear.  By hiring, you remove this problem and simply return the suit after the wedding.

More than just wedding hire

When you find a reliable menswear hire company, it can be a useful resource.  Maybe you are going to a sporting event where you need a formal suit hire.  Or maybe you are shopping for your son who needs prom suit hire for his big event.  Whatever the case, once you have a reliable suit hire company you can use, you never need to worry about suits again.

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Very helpful and good prices. I would definitely recommend.

Martin N.

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