How to Pick the Right Wedding Suit for Your Big Day

As the groom, you are always going to be slightly in the shadow of your bride in terms of what you wear.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get the right wedding suit and look amazing for your big day.  The biggest problem when you go to look at wedding suit hire The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire is that there are so many options!  Here’s some help to understand what it all means.

The Right Wedding Suit for Your Big Day

Formal or casual

Suits fall into two main categories – formal or casual.  Then there are various options within each category.  There’s no right or wrong choice for a wedding but it is worth talking about it with your bride before you start looking at suits.

Formal options

The morning suits are a traditional choice that involves tailcoats, waistcoats and trousers that are usually striped.  This is the kind of thing often seen at Ascot or other very formal occasions.  It is worn for noon or early afternoon weddings.

Tuxedo styles are the classic black tie evening wear and are paired with satin striped trousers and a bow tie.  This includes the white tuxedo.  Should be worn for evening weddings.

Dinner jackets are a formal jacket worn with a bow tie that doesn’t have tails and is worn on an evening for formal weddings.

White tie and tails are the evening version of the dinner suits and are a very elegant option for a formal evening wedding.  It paired top hat and tails, so you need a top hat and even a cane to finish the look.

Casual options

Casual suit or dinner jackets are usually made from linen or cotton and are very comfortable to wear in the summer.  In winter, a wool jacket and trousers may be best.  These are also known as lounge suits and are the type of suits men often wear for jobs with smart dress code.  This is also a popular option for prom suit hire for young men.

Tweed suits have come back into fashion in recent years and are another good option if you want smart but not too formal.  You can get single colour or two or three colour options with matching waistcoats and trousers.

Special options

There are also a few options in terms of suits that are more specific if you are having a certain theme for your wedding.  The classic example is kilts – these are typically worn in Highland weddings or for people from Scotland, although non-Scottish guests will also wear them.

Frockcoats are double-breasted, long-skirted coats that are worn on formal occasions.  They were popular in Victorian and Edwardian times and therefore are often worn for themed weddings with this kind of style.


The final step in the process of getting the right suit is to finish it with the right accessories.  This includes the shirt, neckwear, cufflinks and shoes.  While these might seem secondary, they can make a big difference to whether your outfit works or is a bit lacking.  If you talk to an expert in wedding suit hire, they will be able to guide you to what accessories work best with the style of suit you have chosen.

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