3 Tips on Accessories for Your Formal Suit

For the men who don’t always wear a suit, picking the right one is tricky enough.  Then there are all the extras you have to add such as waistcoats, cufflinks and neckwear.  This can all add up to a lot of information to put together.  But to help you out, here are some tips on how to accessories your formal suit.

Accessories for Your Formal Suit

1. Waistcoats

Waistcoats are a stylish accessory that are often used without a jacket.  But for etiquette purposes, here’s the advice on wearing them:

  • Casual (this includes dinner jackets, lounge suits and tweed) – avoid shiny fabric and matching colours. Don’t worry about matching with the fabric of the trousers.
  • Formal (this includes morning suits, evening wear, tailcoats, top hat and tails, Edwardian frockcoats) – go for single breast waistcoats in slick fabrics and don’t worry about limiting yourself to the suit colours
  • Black tie (this includes dinner suits, tuxedo and white tuxedo) – pair with the suit jacket and trousers for this most formal of looks.

You can also add a waistcoat to kilts if you are attending a Highland wedding.  If you use wedding suit hire The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, ask for the best pairing with the jacket you are wearing with the kilt as this is how the waistcoat is chosen.  When looking for prom suit hire for young men, you can use the same principles as above.

2. Neckwear

Neckwear is an essential part of any type of suit whether formal, semi-formal or casual.  They are the finishing touch and also a way to add personality to the outfit.  There are two things to consider when choosing the right neckwear – the shirt you are wearing and the type of suit.

There are lots of different styles of collar on shirts and therefore it can be a complex process to pick the right one.  The colour of the shirt also factors into the decision as does the colour and style of the jacket you are wearing.  The idea is to create a harmonious look where the tie or bow tie complements the rest of the outfit.

3. Finishing touches

The suit, shirt and neckwear are the building blocks of your look but there are also finishing touches that are needed to complete it.  These depend on the suit, the occasion, your style and what you like as well as the ‘rules’ of what you should wear.

Pocket squares are a simple, folded handkerchief that sits in the chest pocket of the jacket.  These are a way to add personality and colour to an outfit and are often matched or coordinated with the tie.  You can have them different but make sure they don’t clash.

If you are wearing a shirt that needs then, cufflinks are both practical and stylish.  These are worn with French cuffs and can be plain or have colour or personality to them.  Keep it sophisticated and a bit understated for formal suits.

If you are wearing top hat and tails, you will need a top hat.  You might also want to add a cane as this is a fun way to finish the look and is very black and white movie star style!

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